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Warriors of Yanyi


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The Warriors of Yanyi is an online RPG that simulates the history of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" period in ancient China. It has battles, kingdoms, good member count and much much more. Join and have fun.( WoYY)

Our Mission

To provide one of the funnest sims around. It mite be about china and you mite not like China, but you're in luck even if you don't enjoy China you can still have fun.

The original logo of Warriors of Yanyi
The peach tree garden where Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei made their oath.

Forum New-Reports

The forum's rules have been updated.
We need to advertise.
The forum is going through a trancition. Get your character going for the upcoming game.

Becoming a Member

It doesn't cost a thing. In fact we don't make money off this. We do it for the pleasure of doing it. All you have to do is register at Warriors of Yanyi. We do have terms of service but they're nothing you should worry about. We don't want spamming and more but that is all explained. Feel free to register and it only takes 3 minutes.

Administration Contact-Get in touch about questions or problems

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